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Specializing in Commercial Real Estate Financing
By Alanna Lane

ACL Funding Group, Inc. have heard so many times that your financial institution turned you down, denied you. This does not me you have to delay your project nor does it mean you can not acquire suitable financing. ACL Funding Group, Inc. have resources that wants your business and were able to get your project funded.

We package your loan, speak in your behalf and get you to the closing table. Our services offers virtual assistant and consultants. ACL Funding Group, Inc. works with all your third party vendors, in your behalf. We also work with your architect, accountant and attorney by getting the documents required to support your projects financials. Schedule conference calls and closings that’s convenient for you. Straightforward answers to your questions and easy to understand products.

Providing a full range of loan programs including the self employed, no income verification. ACL Funding Group, Inc. work with numerous property types acquiring or refinancing:

Mixed Use
Single Family Development
Co-op and Condo
Storage Facilities
Office buildings
Mobile Home Parks
Auto Repair/auto body
Day cares
Funeral homes
Hair salons

Utilizing our services allows you to continue doing what you do best. We had the opportunity to working with well know real estate developers thru out the United States and would like to expand our services.

ACL Funding Group, Inc. is accustom to working with those whom are private and public figures so your data is secure with us. Just think as ACL Funding Group, Inc. being your back office or simple your virtual assistant.

ACL Funding Group, Inc. is looking to cultivate a business relationship with selective commercial real estate developers and active commercial real estate investors.

Email your summary, telephone and contact person today.

We’ve been in business since 1999. ACL Funding Group, Inc. has the skill set to get your commercial real estate project funded.


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